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Ironic Last Words

by A Moment's Worth

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It’s Missy’s house on weeknights, Pete’s car on warmer Saturdays. I’d like it if the clouds moved, and made me look like someone else today. It’s waking up past two and three calls to make plans for the day. It’s “check out this quote I found, I’m really feeling that today.” Breaking a promise to myself, but keeping one to my friends. I’m not missing out. It’s “you know you’re the better guy, you were too good for her, yeah she’s the one that’s missing out, she stopped returning calls.” I’m not missing out. Definitely not. $6.50 for the cab and 5 bucks to think the night away. Frustration after practice, and asking why the fuck we played. It’s shotgun in your car and “don’t bother me till I’m awake.” It’s taking sides in battles, trying to figure out who’s fake. Breaking a promise to myself, but keeping one to my friends. I’m not missing out. It’s the only reason I was going is because id see you there but the only thing I saw tonight is how much you really care. I’m not missing out. Definitely not, no definitely not. I wont waste a minute of your time (minute of your time). It’s night we talked at strangers houses, should I walk you home do you hate me by now? My thinking wasn’t oh so wrong. I wont waste a minute of your time. I know why you hate me this time. It’s pouring hearts out on those steps about doing things you might regret for the sake of someone, and why you need that person. It’s time spent dying for a change, and “I cant go out like this today” until words in a letter, proved you, yourself, knew better. It’s Friday night 5 nights a week. No plans, four cars, one fake ID and you can’t take that from me, no you can’t take that from me. It’s why its taken me so long, to sit down and write this song, to let go of someone, and to enjoy my summer.
Out of Words 02:26
There’s nothing left to say, ‘cause the story has been read, did you read it long ago? Did you forget the end? The part that made you cry, well I tore those pages out. Yeah I’ll rewrite it on my own, when I find some time. Can one spend all his thoughts? I think its happened once before. Can one think way too much? I don’t think that’s my case. Maybe its because I watch too much TV, there’s never enough time to re-collect my thoughts. Is something wrong with me ‘cause I fall too hard, got no tricks up my sleeves maybe I should get some…and those words they hurt the most cause they’re from the heart, sticks and stones may break my bones but words tear me apart. Out of words. Maybe I said too much. And if I spoke too much, I’m sorry that I did ‘cause there’s never enough time, to re-collect my thoughts. I’m out of words
The wrong things got me down, I turn my back on what I love the most well….I thought you’d let me down, but I can clearly make it on my own and I want you to know, that I’m not backing down, I’ve given up on backing down. I want you to know, that I’m not giving up, I’ve given up on giving up. Cause I’m my only hope in this world. And I’m not lonely ‘cause I’m my only hope in this world. Back to the same routine, that ive been following, for the past ten years of my life. But now’s a different scene, and I’m the one who chose to volunteer my time. I want you to know, that I’m not backing down, I’ve given up on backing down.(that’s the only thing, the only thing I know) I want you to know, that im not giving up, (I know for certain that I cant let this go). How can you say you’re my friend, when all you do is pretend, wont let me down again. I’ve waited for this to end I got my fist in my hand, you wanna talk again? (I made a decision, i’m not sitting out this one) How can you say youre my friend, when all you do is pretend, wont let me down again. I’ve waited for this to end I got my fist in my hand, you wanna talk again?
Why should I say anything to you? You don’t seem to mind I’ve disappeared, completely cut myself from you. Why should I shred my vocal chords for you? The numbness (has) long since worn away yet each word still cuts at my throat just the same. But every now and then I think about how you’re doing and how things coulda been–the irony in what you said, “Can’t you stand up for yourself, they’re walking all over you?” Well I did, and you’re gone ’cause you fled the scene. Did you think that I was that easy to break, who needs hatred when there’s rage, because I don’t hate you.. Lucas: (the truth is you can slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath, id hack at your face with a meat cleaver….) you ran away now, now wake tomorrow consumed by your own guilt. What’s the matter? Don’t you like my shirt? What’s the matter? It still got your bloody little handprints all over . Shoudn’t you be proud? With every pause in my lines and every sigh from my mouth you’ll feel the pangs of your guilt as you scream out loud. Just realize what you did, Just realize what you did.
Bottlecap 02:53
These days are flying before my eyes. And my life is changing. Sometimes I feel that if I blink too long, I’ll waste a moment. And the future scares me, in ways it never has before. What am I doing all this for?Tonight I think I’ll lose my breath Seems I’ve already lost my voice, I let this pen drop to the floor. Don’t think I can do this anymore. And then the phone rings and I talk to you for hours. Hang on to every word you say. The comfort of your voice on a Thursday midnight hour. It warms my soul and tells me everything is going to be okay. Words cannot describe the feeling that I feel when you are near. What can I begin to give the one I owe so much to? Can you feel my heart its burning through my chest when you are near. With all my heart and soul I love you. With my heart and soul I..
Startled 02:53
You are my nights’, startled sky….never mine. When all my fears are gone(and all the words I’ve meant to say). And theres no doubt in my mind (burning the tip of my tongue). You turn your back and now I’ve gotta start over. Cant even look me in the eyes. We’re still friends what’s the difference, right? Don’t forget that I can discard you, at any moment that i choose to. Don’t forget that my sympathies running thinner every day I see you. You forget what I once meant to you. Don’t leave me alone. Why cant we just talk about this? You and your childish conversation. When will you grow up and see this for what it could be? You and your childish conversation.
To a Friend 03:46
You know I’ve always meant to thank you but its always slipped my mind. I’m sorry if it seems I’m always too wrapped up in myself. Well if friendship is the only thing in which I haven’t yet lost trust, I have only you to thank. All the world may break to pieces and every cloud may turn to stone. Time may give back all its taken. But I am not alone. This may be the only chance I’ve got, to say thanks a lot. Its been appreciated. If on short notice I may leave and you need more reason to believe, take comfort in what you’ve done, its always meant the world to me. Time will take away all its given. Time can’t touch what you have given to me.
If I pretend it’s just a dream will it still bother me? Will it still shake me from my sleep? Screaming: “You’ve got to take control of your life. Don’t ignore all your pains. Don’t throw away the one thing you fought to attain.” If I keep running at this pace will it chase after me? Will it wait ‘til I lose my breath to take away what I have left behind, scratched from your mind. That’s me in the picture, content at the moment, so happy with life because I feel I’m on top of the world. And I know that the world won’t stop if I leave. (Can you see me on that stage now empty this evening? Screaming my lungs out still for you I’m singing.) But tell me you’ll forget me not. No promise me. (Can you see me right now on the sand by that ocean? Headphones still blaring, heart dreaming devotion.) Cross my heart and hope to live through these memories because that’s all life really is. A moment’s worth is what you make it, make mine worth a lot and forget me not. I never told you but sometimes I feel that this world I see has no place for me. But it’s your open arms, honest eyes, attentive smile that can make me feel the seasons they change just for me, and only me. I’m more than just a fucking song. I’m more than just a friend. I’m more than any role this world can place on me. And I’m not afraid to die because I’m not afraid to live while I’m alive. When you think of me, always keep those words in your mind.
Three years. Is there still time? Will I accept the fact that I can’t make you mine? Oh what a dream you still remain. While my undying hope for us is still the same. But I learned no matter how much you try, sometimes you just can’t outsmart life. So like Daisy and Gatsby, we could never be. It goes to show for this little dream of mine. Because of her he built a life. Everything he made reflected her desires. Kind of like what I have tried to do: Surround myself with all the things that might please you. It’s kind of sad how hard he tried through his life and the way he died. Everything he bought for her, everything but he couldn’t buy her heart. Tomorrow’s promise to bring new hope is the only thing I have, the only thing I need. Each time I wake up it’s with me again and my dreams are all I have. My dreams are all I need. It’s bringing me down building me up to bring me down.
All I Say 05:13
Somewhere down the line there was a vision once so clear, a picture of a million words but that picture disappeared somewhere down the line, I tell myself it’s for the best. Even though its hard to see, I know this picture wouldn’t last. At seventeen I learned never to be sure, sure of what will happen. Sure of what’s deserved. And I’m not saying I don’t believe in anything, I’ve just learned that some things aren’t what they seem. I am a rock therefore I feel no…Goodbye and so long are all I say to you and I can move on because I feel no…Because I am a stone, that shit don’t phase me. Take that picture once so clear, burn it into ashes. Make that picture disappear but don’t regret your actions.
If the world would end afternoon tomorrow and our souls were all that’s left, oh how ugly I would be. And if I brought to you little more than sorrow, I wouldn’t blame you if you wished all that sorrow upon me. But if not I guess I have another chance to make things right for us. But please forgive me if I don’t ‘cause I don’t know what else to do. You know I tried so hard? These walls we built, I always knew they’d fall apart. If the sun refused to bring light tomorrow, I wouldn’t beg it to. I don’t deserve it anyway. Because behind the mask hides a horrid creature: A selfish kid that thought love shouldn’t come with so much pain. And so I threw it all away, monotonous words that tore our sky that night and for the first time in my life I felt my heart and mind collide. I made a choice to do what’s right followed the way I felt inside. Wish you could see it through my eyes. Wish you could see it through these bloodshot windows to my soul. Wish you could see it through my eyes. Wish you could somehow maybe act like nothing’s wrong. And now I finally realize why she kept questioning the way I feel inside. You never thought I’d let you but you can’t say I never tried.


Five years ago A Moment's Worth formed under the name Dibs on Anthony. Hailing from Bronx, NY, these four high-schoolers took nothing but their love of music and cheap equipment and threw themselves headfirst into a punk band. Hours upon hours of practices turned their out-of-tune-feedback-chord-banging into real music. And they still have the same cheap equipment.

Jokingly self-described as 'pseudo-emo post hardcore punk rock', A Moment's Worth combines together equal parts of their influences, which range from Goldfinger to Thrice to Armor for Sleep to Brand New to NoFX. A Moment's Worth offers something very few contemporary punk bands can offer, especially bands so young. Their maturity, both lyrically and musically, belie their age to the point that someone hearing them for the first time would add several years to their age.

The lyrics stem 100% from real life experiences; nothing about this album is fabricated. This isn't an album about high school written by 26-year-old guys. This is an album written about the truths of life by the 18-20 year-olds that lived it and wrote it. Unlike some of their older material, Ironic Last Words focuses more on reality. Influences stem from friendships, relationships (both failed and successful) and even the finality of death.

Ironic Last Words is their most important release to date. It took over a year to record; the band is very meticulous about making sure their album sounds as close to their live shows as possible. The time spent in the studio gave them the opportunity to get more creative and more experimental without having to worry about time. Easily the most technical, musical, and even catchy album of the three released in their short career, Ironic Last Words is an audio documentary of the members of the band. In that same sense, it is an album five years in the making.

Blasting through venues all over the Bronx in the small, but solid Bronx Underground scene, A Moment's Worth's energy radiates through every crowd they play for, every single night they play. In the early stages of their career, A Moment's Worth shared the stage with Smackin' Isaiah, now known as A Wilhelm Scream under Nitro Records, and very nearly stole the show.

A Moment's Worth is music for anyone who's longing to feel like they're not alone.


released September 1, 2005

All songs are original compositions by A Moment's Worth. All rights reserved.

A Moment's Worth is
Alex Bondarev - lead vocals and composer
Nicola Terzulli - guitars and production & engineering
John Endico - bass and backing vocals
Frank Quarto - drums and backing vocals
Anthony Albanese - lead guitars
Chris Ragone - bass guitar


all rights reserved



A Moment's Worth Bronx, New York

A Moment’s Worth consists of six long-time friends from the Bronx, NY who share an insatiable drive to write, create, and perform their own music. Since 2004, A Moment’s Worth has inspired their tightly-knit fans with their tremendous energy, passion, and thoughtful lyrics. START WHERE YOU ARE, A Moment’s Worth’s most recent release, testifies to the band’s artistic maturation. ... more

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