by A Moment's Worth

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Our latest EP "Light" released June 8th, 2013. ©A Moment's Worth


released June 8, 2013

Music written and performed by A Moment's Worth (Alex Bondarev, Anthony Albanese, Nicola Terzulli, John Endico, Frank Quarto & Vin Envy).
Music recorded and mixed by Nicola Terzulli at Get Reel Studios, Bronx NY.
Photograph by Rosemarie Elizabeth Photography (

All songs are original compositions by A Moment's Worth. All rights reserved.

A Moment's Worth is
Alex Bondarev - lead vocals and composer
Nicola Terzulli - guitars and production & engineering
John Endico - bass and backing vocals
Frank Quarto - drums and backing vocals
Anthony Albanese - lead guitars
Vin Gajeski - keyboards and misc instrumentation



all rights reserved


A Moment's Worth Bronx, New York

A Moment’s Worth consists of six long-time friends from the Bronx, NY who share an insatiable drive to write, create, and perform their own music. Since 2004, A Moment’s Worth has inspired their tightly-knit fans with their tremendous energy, passion, and thoughtful lyrics. START WHERE YOU ARE, A Moment’s Worth’s most recent release, testifies to the band’s artistic maturation. ... more

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Track Name: Strange, Beautiful (Sleep Driver)
We fell asleep behind the wheel. Forgot the silver charm that hangs beside your rear-view mirror. Its words fell short of our appeal. A sudden crash awakes us both, I never thought how far we'd go.

Higher. You shut my eyes to look deeper. When I was tempted to give less you gave me more. Oh, you took me low to go higher.

It's strange and beautiful how life reminds us how we never truly know what's good for us, dear. I feel a light. It was with me in my darkest hour and every time I fought to shut you out.

Oh you can have it all but still not have a clue of what's good for you. Sometimes it all has to fall so you can see just where you cut the corners, clear the ground and start it all a new.

Higher. You shut my eyes to look deeper. When I was tempted to give less you gave me more. Oh, you took me low to go higher.
Track Name: Painted Birds
She says, "I had my chances with love. It knows me well. Had my heart filled to the brim and they all drank from the well. I am in no shape, my friend to fortune tell. But darling, if you know me at all, go on and leave me be to myself."
No you won't go alone. I will be by your side. To prove us both wrong. I will be by your side.
I had my chances with faith. Now, hard to tell. Had my hopes tall as the sky, and like painted birds they all fell. Except that one that flies with you, and though it goes far away. I still hear it every morning singing the words that I once heard you say.
Track Name: The Days Go
It's not a question now of when I live but how. Life's not a riddle and it waits for no man. My thoughts they just compound like the headache that I found on the Bleecker afternoon we drank ourselves sick.

So darling, where (are) we headed now? It's just that I've seen the days go.
So darling, are we in or out? It's just that I've seen the days go. Oh the days go.

(The) first glass goes easy down. (The) second one the music sounds like it was written solely for this moment in time. Third one you're beautiful. Fourth glass it's pitiful that the man across the bar reminds him of his father.

All these days go by and they say I've got to figure out what it is that I want. But see I just want to fly on the wings of my dreams--whatever that means.
Track Name: What You Have is Priceless (All it is)
It's just another way to go down this crazy winding road. That's all it is.
It's just another way to learn what you came here for and that's all it is.
(I just chose my.. I don't know why. I don't know why. I don't know..)

So I'm not scared anymore. Won't blame my parents for my troubles and wars. I'm not scared anymore. I'll choose my own road. That's all it is.

Darling, you complicate your life with your excuses. 'Fore you hold your stories way too tight, learn what their use is. You know there's no better way to go than the way you've been going. You know there's no better time to turn around than right now and that's all it is.

Do you know, my beautiful, we're just the rhythms of the skies from which the first time that I fell was by the arrows of your eyes. Like the songs my mother strummed in youth of unrequited love--they have always haunted me. But they're not the ones I sing, my beautiful.

It's just another way to go down this crazy winding road.