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by A Moment's Worth

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Unsound 03:41
(Just for the song) I must be crazy (crazy), ’cause that’s just how I feel when I’m on stage here, living out my dream. And since I’ve thrown away my education and haven’t made a dime, (I’ve) been pleading with the universe for a reason to my rhyme, but she’s just burning me down. Oh, but I love the songs where I could sing the verse and then you could sing the choruses. And the air feels full of promise, full of hope–I breathe it in. I breathe in. I must be so gone since I’ve stopped myself from thinking that I’m someone they all wanted me to be. Sometimes I wonder if my efforts are all ego or they’re from something real inside of me. And I’ve chosen this existence where we’re always racing time and we’re running on pure passion, leaving everything and everyone behind. I must be crazy. (Crazy, but I feel so alive.) I must be crazy when me and my friends are in our element and we are one–connected by the sound, and the beating of our hearts (is) to the rhythm of the song we sing. On and on just for the song we sing. (All these songs allow me to feel just a little bit. All these words come out and I pray that they understand.) One day we’ll look back and these days will sing forever. They’ll be the anthems to our setting sun. One day we’ll look back and these days will sing forever, my friend, and we’ll sing along. But she’s just burning me down.
We’re only here for a little bit and time keeps moving on. And everyday I think that i should quit…it gets so hard to tell myself that I’m still strong. You know I used to be that guy who’d stay up with you all night and the next day write a song to save his friends. And we used to live our lives in our cars and friday nights but today it gets so easy to forget. Then a song feels like home and it makes you believe when you could not anymore. (You)sing along ’cause it breaks you–you remember that it’s worth fighting for. We’ll never give up. We’ll never look back. I know it hurts for a little bit, but I swear it’ll make you strong. And if the world will hear none of it, we gave it our best, we’ll move along. You know i used to be that guy…well, nevermind. I had a way with words I now forget. But when the winter was too cold, I’d swear those words could warm your soul, but today theyseem routine and so cliche. I’d wait for a lifetime (for) the right four chords and the right rhyme. When we met for the first time, I sang my song and you were mine. Who we are hasn’t even seen the light of day. Who we are hasn’t even, hasn’t even…
All our lives we try to go a little bit faster and those we leave behind, we plan on seeing them after. But there’s an ocean between us now, and it’s been too long. All I can see now are waves sent from the horizon with bottles that they bring with notes of hope for their loved ones. But there’s a lifetime between us now, and it’s been too far. All the words that I’ve wanted to say, I can’t say in these letters. All the pain that your frail voice hides, are you feeling better? We go on with our lives, too afraid to fly ’cause we’re traumatized. All the words that I’ve wanted say, too afraid…too afraid. Then I see the sunrise and words they disappear. Then I hear the strength that your voice hides. “Have no fear,” you tell me, “there’s reason” -that’s all I need to hear. Then you tell me “there’s reason.” That’s all I need. All the words that I’ve wanted to say, I can’t say in these letters. All the pain that your frail voice hides, are you feeling better? Will we go on with our lives, too afraid to fly ’cause we’re traumatized? All the words that I’ve wanted say, too afraid…too afraid. All the words that I’ve wanted to say, I will say in these letters. Hear strength that your frail voice hides, hope you’re feeling better. We’ll go on with our lives, not afraid to fly though we’re traumatized. All the words that I’ve wanted to say are the words that I’m saying.
Sleepless 03:31
(I see them in this sound) We’re the long drives and talks of hopes and fears. And the warm quiet we’ve sat with all these years. And we’ve also felt like nothing at all–it doesn’t stop us though, we know all we need to know… Flash back to a recent dream where you were face to face with how you feel and you were holding your life in your hands. You laughed and felt so strong and so permament. Thought you could not go on but somehow you did. And I wish that everyone could’ve seen your eyes, I bet they’ve never shined so bright. But more than anything else I wish you could see them in this sound… we’ve been making all these years and the best part is still the feeling that i get from knowing that I do this with you through all the times I was sure we were through. We laughed and felt so strong and so permament. Thought we could not go on, but somehow we did and I wish that everyone could’ve seen our eyes, I bet they’ve never shined so bright. But more than anything else, I wish that you could see them in this sound. And I had a dream that (had) awoken my purpose: jets dropped bombs, missles sent to destroy us. And I was at home with my whole family and we watched as the streets filled with smoke. And the TV had spoken of death and confusion, and what we should do for the bombs they were using. As I watched a dark wave coming fast towards our window, all I could speak of was love. I wish that you could see them in this sound.
My Lost Self 02:36
Here I am at last with a vision and a pen but my head tells me that I can’t do it again. “Oh no, the time is spent. You’re setting yourself up just to fail. You’re going to waste your time in vain.” But I still remain like the air before the summer, like sunshine after rain. Like the time you and I had met and we knew it right then, but do we forget? do we forget? Do we forget. Here I am again with the ocean and the sand, a breeze, my friend, and the warmest memories we’ve made. Our pain, long days, and everything in between subsides as a wave takes me away. But I still remain like a smile to your temper, like a song that ends your pain. Like the time you and I had met and we knew it right then. But do we forget? do we forget? But am I too far from where you are? Since I’ve convinced myself I’ve lost myself in my lost self, I’ve lost it. Here I am at last…
" I have watched from there the lightning flashing over my head and cleaving the storm-clouds. I have seen green forests, fields, rivers, lakes, towns. I have heard the singing of the sirens, and the strains of the shepherds’ pipes; I have touched the wings of comely devils who flew down to converse with me of God … In your books I have flung myself into the bottomless pit, performed miracles, slain, burned towns, preached new religions, conquered whole kingdoms … “Your books have given me wisdom. All that the unresting thought of man has created in the ages is compressed into a small compass in my brain. I know that I am wiser than all of you. “And I despise your books, I despise wisdom and the blessings of this world. It is all worthless, fleeting, illusory, and deceptive, like a mirage. You may be proud, wise, and fine, but death will wipe you off the face of the earth as though you were no more than mice burrowing under the floor, and your posterity, your history, your immortal geniuses will burn or freeze together with the earthly globe. “You have lost your reason and taken the wrong path. You have taken lies for truth, and hideousness for beauty. You would marvel if, owing to strange events of some sorts, frogs and lizards suddenly grew on apple and orange trees instead of fruit, or if roses began to smell like a sweating horse; so I marvel at you who exchange heaven for earth. I don’t want to understand you." - The Bet by Anton Chekhov
If I pretend it’s just a dream will it still bother me? Will it still shake me from my sleep screaming, “you’ve gotta take control of your life. Don’t ignore all your pains. Don’t throw away the one thing you’ve fought to attain.” If I keep running at this pace will it chase after me? Will it wait ’til I lose my breath to take away what I have left behind, scratched from your mind–that’s me in the picture, content at the moment, so happy with life ’cause I feel I’m on top of the world. I know that the world won’t stop if I leave. But tell me you’ll forget me not, no promise me. Cross my heart and hope to live through these memories, because that’s all life really is. A moment’s worth is what you make it–make mine worth a lot. And forget me not. I never told you but sometimes I feel that this world I see has no place for me. But it’s your open arms, honest eyes, attentive smile that can make me feel the seasons they change just for me. And only me. I’m more than just a fucking song. I’m more than just a friend. I’m more than any role this world can place on me. And I’m not afraid to die because I’m not afraid to live while I’m alive. When you think of me, always keep those words in your mind.


"As music consumers, we so often relish in the task of trying to set apart a band as one-to-watch, and/or which band will become the next big thing. More often than not, this quest forces us to wade through releases that are often underwhelming and mediocre. Neither of those sentiments though can be said about the eight song EP Sleepless by Bronx, New York band A Moment’s Worth. Beginning with the hard-hitting opener “Unsound,” the quintet lets listeners know that their brand of ferocious rock is not to be taken lightly. The bass lines are energetic, the drums are propulsive, and the guitar riffs are fiery. Lead vocalist Alex Bondarev, whose vocals are restrained for much of the eight songs, allows the music to take center stage, and lets his voice take second fiddle to the extremely proficient playing. In truth, Bondarev’s voice is underutilized and should have taken the forefront, especially when he sings lyrics like: “And I've chosen this existence where we're always racing time / And we're running on pure passion / Leaving everything and everyone behind.”

Whereas some bands are loud for the sake of being loud, A Moment’s Worth kicks up the sonic level without sacrificing musicianship. Every minute of the record is incredibly cohesive, as if to assume that the band has been playing together for a dozen years (they’ve actually been a band since 2003), and that making music is something they could do in their sleep, without even mustering any energy. So often reviewers pass along the words effortless without giving it any real consideration, but the way in which the five players put together rhythm and melody on second song “Zero.Four.One,” it's apparent, the endeavor really is effortless. Third song “Too Far, Too Long,” may be the only dud, but it’s allowed to be, as fourth track “Sleepless,” and fifth track “My Lost Self,” steal the show and cement this band as a serious contender for major label status. In “Sleepless,” Bondarev sings of an apocalyptic like moment, “And I was at home with my whole family / And we watched as the streets filled with smoke / And the TV had spoken of death and confusion / And what we should do for the bombs they were using.”

Ingeniously, the band doesn’t allow "Sleepless" to end and the song flows directly into “My Lost Self,” almost making it one long eight-minute track. Whereas "Sleepless," was infectious, achingly catchy and built around a memorable guitar riff, "My Lost Self," is built on Bondarev's vocals, which soar above a hodgepodge of electronic and synth noises. Both "Sleepless" and "My Lost Self" are the album's crowning achievements and the only songs on which Bondarev's vocals stand above. The back-to-back segue is an incredible trick that made me listen to the disc a few times to actually realize the nuance was occurring. Sixth track “Exit With a Desperate Cry” is a minute of a gentle guitar riff while vocalist Bondarev delivers barely audible spoken word verses. The song serves as a lead in to the ferocious album closer “Cross My Heart,” which draws on much of the same energy as the opener.

The album, which was recorded and produced by guitarist Nicola Terzulli, also bristles with the sparking gloss of a major label album and proves that the band is as adept behind the knobs as it is in performing music. In it's five year history, the band has amassed a slew of low-level awards and a host of prominent endorsements. Major label status should hopefully come calling in due time."

-Gregory Robson / AbsolutePunk.net


released June 20, 2008

All songs on "Sleepless" are original compositions written and performed by A Moment's Worth. All rights reserved.

A Moment's Worth is
Alex Bondarev - lead vocals and composer
Nicola Terzulli - guitars and production & engineering
John Endico - bass and backing vocals
Frank Quarto - drums and backing vocals
Anthony Albanese - lead guitars


all rights reserved



A Moment's Worth Bronx, New York

A Moment’s Worth consists of six long-time friends from the Bronx, NY who share an insatiable drive to write, create, and perform their own music. Since 2004, A Moment’s Worth has inspired their tightly-knit fans with their tremendous energy, passion, and thoughtful lyrics. START WHERE YOU ARE, A Moment’s Worth’s most recent release, testifies to the band’s artistic maturation. ... more

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